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All organizational views disappear when you try to edit one of them

If you create multiple organizational views they all disappear when you press the pen and try to edit one of them.

See picture (the views to the left just disappear)

We will take a look :eyes:

Hi @peter.manhof!

Do they disappear for good? Can you try refreshing the page to see if it fixes this issue?

They disappear for good. IF you want to i can record a video and send you.


Okay, I will let our engineering team know! A video may be helpful so we can see the issue occurring.

Thank you! :grin:

Oh, they added a lots of views now. I Don´t want to kill them all at this point if not really neccessary. Tell me if you can´t recreate it and then i will do it.

Okay, I understand! We will keep you updated here on what we find and when this issue is resolved. Thank you for your patience! :grin: