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Image Loading - Lazy Loading

I am having an issue with image loading.

On page load, https://wepixeled.com/user/imhsy1h3-z89z86yp-raxuxtse-5cc6rpg0/listing/80aldev1-m4ep0dhq-v4x4di0p-kpfveahh/share, all 100+ images are loading. ~90 of the images are in a parent div which is hidden.

Anytime I click on a button, all ~100 images load again. As a result the page is slow. Did I trigger something incorrectly? Account advanced settings are currently set to on for “lazy loading images”

Content builder page - https://builder.io/content/ab07900056a640809af4e4eef4ceef7c

Thanks for filing, there is definitely some strange image loading behavior on that page. I’ll make a ticket to investigate this further and get back to you.

I was able to fix the “re-request of the images”. So each image on the page is now only being requested once.

The lazy-loading feature is however still not picking up that the parent(s) are hidden from the view. On pageload all 126 images are loading.

Glad to hear that you were able to fix the “re-request of image.” Two other things you can try to ensure lazy loading would be:

  1. put a display: none on the dynamic images so they aren’t rendered until the content is visible
  2. Go to your organization settings in Builder, click on advanced settings, and turn on Always lazy load images

Hopefully that helps!