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Image name generation (not keeping original name)

As I see Builder generates an image name for uploaded pictures in frontend.
Why don’t you keep the original image name and what effect does this have on SEO?



Hi @peter.manhof!

While image filename is something Google takes into consideration, it is only one aspect of many other factors that Google looks at to determine the relevance of a page or image to a search result. Generating the url allows us to perform many other optimizations that far outweigh any potential loss of not including the original file name. Here is a link to an article on what Google thinks is important, many of which Builder does automatically for you: https://support.google.com/webmasters/answer/114016?hl=en.

In order to optimize your images for SEO, it is important to utilize the alt tag on images. To add or edit the alt text you can click on edit on an image, and in the menu that pops up there is an input for “alt text.” Looking at your screenshot I think you are already doing that, which is great. Here is a link to help write even better alt text to improve your SEO ranking: https://blog.hubspot.com/marketing/image-alt-text

For performance and SEO it’s critical image urls never change. That way they can be considered immutable and be cached forever. Although it is not specifically what you are asking for, if we allowed edit the image url that means people would probably want to change it later again too, which means we’d have to put a short cache duration on the images. This is very bad for performance. As a note, Google pagespeed insights complains if images are not cached for sufficient periods of time. This article explains the importance of that and other important ways to optimize images that, all of which we do for you: https://www.google.com/amp/s/imagekit.io/blog/improve-google-pagespeed-insights-score-for-images/amp/

On a higher level note, when thinking about SEO it is very important to think about the overall page context, quality, and relevance to a user’s search. Sure, there are small details that do add up (and Builder takes care of most of them for you), but by far the most important aspect of SEO is creating quality content that Google sees as relevant to a user’s search result.

Hopefully that helps!