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Implementing HotJar on Builder?

Anyone know how you’d implement HotJar in builder?

Hey @sjoys, thanks for reaching out!

While Builder doesn’t have an integration with HotJar, you can add a code block to your Builder pages to integrate third party libraries like HotJar. The instructions on this page should help.

By the way, our Growth plans include Heatmaps, so in addition to a/b testing and targeting, you’d have access to a heatmap directly in your Builder insights dashboard without having to use another service like HotJar. Let me know if you have any additional questions!

Thanks! Your instructions on how to install a pixel were actually the most help for figuring out how to install the HotJar code… Is there a good way to include Facebook Pixel or Google Analytics Events in Builder?
(based on the HotJar instructions I didn’t actually know how to get the code into builder).

That’s great news on heatmaps being built-in to Builder! We’ll check that out.