Integrating AWS Lambda with for Dynamic Content


I am currently working on to improve the capabilities of by integrating AWS services, particularly AWS Lambda functions, for dynamic content generation. when I’m making progress, I want to confirm I am following the best practices to optimize performance, scalability, and security.

I am interested to know ; What are the suggested approaches for authenticating requests between and AWS Lambda functions securely?

How can I confirm seamless scalability as my application grows ; especially considering potential spikes in traffic? I have checked Integrating-Pages-aws developer guide but still need help .

If anyone has experience into setting up such an architecture, I would appreciate your guidance.

Thanks in advance for your help!

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Hi Nathaniel, here are some recommended best practices when working with AWS and


  • AWS IAM Policies: Set up your IAM roles with strict policies that allow only necessary actions, and attach these roles to your Lambda functions.
  • API Gateway with Custom Authorizer: Utilize API Gateway in front of your Lambda functions, and use a custom authorizer or AWS Cognito to authenticate request tokens before they reach your Lambda functions.
  • AWS Secrets Manager: Store sensitive information in AWS Secrets Manager and retrieve this data in your Lambda functions using the AWS SDK.
  • From Lambda to Builder, set the Builder API key as an environment variable for the Lambda function.
  • From Builder to Lambda (webhooks), add a custom authorization header with a secret token that is checked in the Lambda function: Global Webhook Documentation.

Performance & Scalability:

  • Auto-Scaling Lambda Functions: AWS Lambda auto-scales based on incoming requests. Monitor concurrency limits using AWS CloudWatch.
  • API Gateway Rate Limiting: Implement rate limiting to avoid overwhelming your Lambda functions during traffic spikes.
  • Caching: Use AWS API Gateway caching and AWS CloudFront to reduce Lambda load.
  • Serverless Frameworks: Use Serverless Framework, AWS SAM, or AWS CDK to manage your serverless applications efficiently.
  • Monitoring and Alerts: Implement AWS CloudWatch and AWS X-Ray for monitoring and tracing requests.

For more information, check out the following resources from our docs: