Passing JSX Component as Prop


I’m going draw more attention to this. Please look forward to an update, soon.

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Hey @JuliusGD, it’s a relief even having someone try to make it work. I’ve spent almost a month now on this with no luck ):

Let’s ignore the error, just help me achieve that component-as-prop passing behavior for startDecorator.

I would really like to use Builder.

Thank you!

Is a custom plugin a viable direction or should I think of something else?

Hello fijay71018,

After a lot of investigation, it appears to me that you are doing everything correctly.
After bringing up with the team, I’ve been made aware that Material-UI actually isn’t, yet, supported on Next 13.

Apologies for the long wait. I was able to locate, an example Material-UI+Next.js example. This example uses Next 12.

Again, thanks for your patience.

If there are any other issues that arise with this issue, please let me know. Or if you run into another issue, please reach out to