Problem with Largest Contentful Paint in Qwik

Hello folks,

I currently use the latest version of Qwik to build my website. Unfortunately I have poblems with the LCP of the page. I don’t really understand why. Does anybody have a clue?

Here is the preview of the website:

And here are the page insights: PageSpeed Insights (

Thanks in advance if you can help.


Not a solution, but I’ve found that the free Web Speed Tester at gives a lot more insight as to why FCP/LCP are doing what they’re doing.

Website Speed Test Result: (here’s the results of that).

I hope that helps with a little additional insight.

He thanks man. It is that vite font plugin making issues because unnecessary parts of the font are loaded.

Hi there,
Thanks for reaching out!
I just ran your site through the PageSpeed Insights tool again and it scored wonderfully!
Are you still experiencing the issue with LCP?

Hi Nicke,

good morning. No here and there maybe another fix that should be done but that seems to be fine now.

Thanks for your help guys.


Hi Nicke,

how did you do that? I still get this here:

PageSpeed Insights (


I guess I will remove this font-inline plugin and add the file to the cloudflare cdn. It makes to many connections. Here in Germany you can get admonished if you talk to the Google CDN. It is absurd. Also the new accessibility law comes 2025 to Germany were all websites with more than 1 Mio. revenue have to be made completly accessible for people with disabilities. Which I think is fair, but this loop hole in law with talking to the Google CDN is really absurd, isn’t it? I mean who cares? I guess that is the reason why every othe country in the world laugh about Germany :slight_smile: .

Okay the problem was that I downloaded other alphabets then the latin one. Should have checked the css, but I don’t have so much experience with this kind of optimizations.

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