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RTL input entry bug

When entering text into a page field, sometimes the text flow from right to left. This is occurring for multiple people on our team.


The above text should read in reverse order: “Real Estate Broken aa test”

thanks for reporting @somecallmejosh - we’ve been wrestling with how to reproduce this one for a little while. we may have found a way recently - but if there are any other ways you know how to trigger this reliably would be eager to know

Hey @steve, thanks for the quick reply. It hasn’t been a consistent issue and we haven’t quite figured out how to reproduce it, either. It’s seemingly sporadic.

Hi Josh! Do you want to review this video of me reproducing that behavior and confirm if this is a reliable way to get text to type backwards? Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software

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Wow! That’s some excellent sleuthing skills!

@somecallmejosh we just released an update that should fix this bug. Hopefully your team does not run into this issue from now on! If you do, please feel free to respond here with steps to reproduce (or a video) so we can continue investigating.

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@korey - Thank you for looking into this issue and fixing it so quickly! The Builder team is awesome!