Write API images

Hi, I want to migrate a blog from DatoCMS, and I was wondering how I could migrate an image of the blog to builder (so I can host them here and not call an external URL). Is there a way to do this? thanks

Hi @emiliano,

We shared the steps to migrate content over from DatoCMS on your other forum post here! We also have a forum post on how to use images from data models in next.js that may be helpful depending on what you’re looking to achieve.

Thanks, but what I meant is:
I have to migrate many blogposts from DatoCMS to Builder.
I’ll use the write API to migrate all of them as a data model called blogpost.
Many of them have images… so is there a way with the write API to post the images in Builder (so I can host them there), without depending of an external url (in this case from datocms).


@emiliano Thanks for clarifying. At this time, we don’t have a public API for this and images will need to be uploaded manually but you’re welcome to share this feature request on https://ideas.builder.io/!