A/B tests -> should pass variation name even if using default names

When setting up an A/B test, creating a new variation gives that variation a default name like Variation 1. This is fine, but gives an unexpected null value in code. It should include testVariationName “Variation 1” where it is accessible in code.

Set up code like this, set up an a/b test, create a new variation and don’t change the name, then view “Variation 1”. It should log "variation name", null.

function contentLoaded(data, content) {
  console.log("variation name", content.testVariationName);
<BuilderComponent model="page" contentLoaded={contentLoaded} />

Hey @will thank you for raising this issue! I have created a ticket internally and forwarded it to our dev team to prioritize and fix, hopefully soon! Please let us know if this becomes a blocker or critical issue for your team as it will help us inform our prioritization

Thanks again!

no rush. It caused an unexpected result, but the work around is giving variants names :slight_smile: Thanks TimG!

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