A few questions before I delve deeper

Just had a few questions around how Builder.io works before I go a bit deeper and start integrating it/testing it.

Do the changes made via Builder.io change any files via a connected repo, or is your server reaching out to Builder.io to know what to render to the page? If I made a new page via Builder.io and then look at the files structure of my site will I see the newly-created pages?

I’ve seen in some video demos that you have a lot of control with Builder.io, is it possible to restrict it so only custom components can be dropped in/edited, rather than having structural control?

Hi @Sam,

Welcome to the builder.io forum.

Builder allows you to create and manage parts of your site or app that you allow. We pass data to your site or app using our various SDKs and APIs and display the content you desire, where you desire. A Builder renderer component renders the content dynamically after a successful response from the builder server.

Yes, you can restrict the builder editor to custom components only (with or without allowing custom styling) using components-only mode and/or roles and permissions.

Let us know if you have any further questions. Thank you!