Adding a Blog listing on a dynamic page

Hi there, I’m new here,
I have some difficulties understanding what i’m doing wrong :smiley:
I cloned the next-js-cmg-blog, I have created a page model, i have registered a custom-component that is supposed to show a list of 3 blog entries.
I’m passing the includeRefs: true and also noTraverse: false but for some reason, I get only the reference of the author I don’t get the data back.

here is the public key :smiley:

my dummy custom component

import PostCard from '@/components/post-card'

const custom = props => {
  return (
      <h1 className='my-heading text-3xl'>{props.title}</h1>
      <div className='grid grid-cols-1 md:grid-cols-2 md:col-gap-16 lg:col-gap-32 row-gap-20 md:row-gap-32 mb-32'>
        { && (
      <pre>{JSON.stringify(, null, 2)}</pre>

export default custom

my _app.js

import '@/styles/index.css'
import { builder, Builder } from ''
import dynamic from 'next/dynamic'

  dynamic(() => import('../components/Custom')),
    name: 'Heading',
    inputs: [
      { name: 'title', type: 'text', defaultValue: 'plm heading' },
      { name: 'post', type: 'reference', model: 'post' },
    image: '',
function MyApp ({ Component, pageProps }) {
  return <Component {...pageProps} />

export default MyApp

and my page route handler [slug].js

import { builder, BuilderComponent } from ''


export const getStaticProps = async context => {
  // Dynamically fetch latest content from API, so you can publish updates without
  // codebase changes

  const content = await builder
    .get('page', { url: '/mihai', includeRefs: true, noTraverse: false })
  return { props: { content } }

export async function getStaticPaths () {
  const pages = await builder.getAll('page', {
    fields: 'data.url',
    options: {
      noTargeting: true,
  return {
    paths: => `${}`),
    fallback: true,
// View full integration options and docs here:
export default function MyCompoennt (props) {
  return (
      options={{ includeRefs: true, options: { noTraverse: false } }}

I would really appreciate it if someone can guide me in the right direction. it feels like I’m doing something wrong but can’t figure out what

I have played with the API:
if I request the blog-article with the flag includeRefs I get the author data:
if I request the page I don’t get it

Hi Mihai,

Thanks for reaching out to support! Apologies for the late response.

I tried taking a look with the public key (28c86d257ef84bcaa27890cf709ef8f2), however it looks like the space has been archived. Are you still experiencing issues with this?

Hi Nick thanks for getting back to me :slight_smile:
that’s correct that space was archived because I start using my client’s enterprise plan.
The issues persist after I migrated all content to the new space. please find the API key here
when I’m requesting the page that has a blog-article block don’t receive the authors
but if I request only the blog-article the author data is there:
please see the screenshot