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Adding component to Builder is unavailable

I tried to implement a new section in my product.liquid using this guide -

The idea was to create a section for product recommendations and add it under the share buttons in the product pages, so users can add the recommendation directly to their cart.
I tried using this guide here: How to integrate Nosto product recommendations with Builder Theme Studio - Builder.io

But I don’t have any option to create a component. Is it related to the fact I don’t have Nosto installed?
Is there a way to create such section without using a 3rd party app?

Hi Itay,

Can you clarify the name of the section model you created, provide a link to the content entry that the option to create a component isn’t showing on, and what theme you’re editing on? This guide is specific to integrating Nosto product recommendations, so if you don’t have Nosto installed, you won’t be able to display product recommendations via a custom code block but this shouldn’t affect whether the Builder section you installed shows on the product page.

It’s Product recommendation section, and the theme I’m working on is MeraxIO Optimized.
Will I be able to use it in the same location as it appears in the Nosto’s guide?

Definitely! I checked the entry in the product recommendation section model and I am seeing the section show in the editor, but it isn’t showing within your product page. This is because the editing URL for the product recommendation section model isn’t set, so it is using the default URL.

You can navigate to the models tab → choose product recommendation section → and paste in a product page URL from your site and save. Once you set this editing URL, you will see the Builder section within your content. At the moment, it doesn’t appear to be in the same spot as the Nosto example, but you can move the product recommendations snippet in your product.liquid file to be below the product template rather than within it.