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Adding link information

It would be great if link settings like Link title and link target could be easily added for within a text block Today you need to access the HTML code to configure this.



Hi, Peter!

We have plans to improve our rich text editor on our roadmap and we’ll look into including this. Thanks for the feedback!

Great, it’s a really important feature for us. BR

Howdy @peter.manhof - if this is a blocker for you there is a workaround. You can use plugins to extend and replace built-in editor functionality.

For instance, you could make a plugin that uses a different rich text editor for all rich text fields. We use Quill which has some nice ease of use benefits but also some limitations. You could look into making a plugin replacing the rich text editor for your organization with a more powerful rich text library, like slate or froala or just a customized version of Quill to allow what you need

If you are interested in this and want a detailed description of how to do this - if you’d like to make a new forum post asking how to replace or extend the rich text functionality we’d be happy to give a more in depth description with code snippets for how you can do this