Allow targeting to multiple URLs doesn't return all URLs

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Use multiple URLs to target a single page

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I recently turned on the switch for Allow targeting to multiple URLs in the Advanced section of the Settings page. I had previously updated my getStaticPaths code in NextJS to handle either strings or arrays being passed down in I see that on the test page I’m using to test out multiple URLs for targeting that the url field is indeed wrapped in an array, but it’s only returning one of the two URLs I have for targeting:


And the JSON coming down for that URL:

I’m not sure if this is a bug, or it’s an issue where I created the secondary URL before I flipped the switch, so it’s not pulling in the secondary URL.

(I’ll try recreating the URL and add a comment if that fixes it)

Ahhh, found the issue. Because I had turned on the switch after I added the custom target, I didn’t realize that the additional URLs are added differently.

So, I solved my own problem, but for reference, here’s what you use to add URLs:

Love it! Glad to hear you were able to find a solution, and thanks for posting it!

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