Astro vs Next.js


We are thinking of using Builder for a client’s project and are inclined to use Astro as the FE framework.

I see that Builder provides several SDKs (Next.js/React) but I can’t find one for Astro, although I see that there is a starter for Astro + Qwik available. ( Announcing the official Qwik + Astro Integration - YouTube)

The question is, am I missing something by not using Builder with say Next.js + React?

If I go the Astro + Qwik route, do I get all the same benefits?
Will I be missing any feature/integration?

As a side question, can I integrate Builder with Astro using Astro native components only (no React based components)?
Will I be able to register these components as custom components with Builder?
Will I be missing out some features if I take the Astro native component route?

Many thanks!

Hi @builderastro Welcome to Forum!

You can technically use any of our other SDKs because Astro allows any framework inside of it. I recommend using Astro + react SDK would be best to use.

However, there is no specific Astro SDK available currently, hence, you can’t use Astro components directly in the drag-and-drop editor, you’d have to be components of the framework for the SDK (e.g. react with react SDK).

Although we are looking into support of a direct Astro SDK in the future, it does have some complications given we have a real-time drag-and-drop editor and Astro components can only render/update the server side so there are some complexities to solve in offering a good quality astro SDK.

Custom components can be registered, but the interface for doing so might be more streamlined in the officially supported SDKs.