before deploying we are check run build, here i'm getting this issue

  • PS C:\Naveen> npm run build

Naveen@2.1.0 build next build

info - Loaded env from C:\Naveen.env ig.js webpack5 | Next.js info - Checking validity of types info - Using external babel configuration from C:\Naveen.babelrc info - Creating an optimized production build Failed to compile.

ModuleNotFoundError: Module not found: Error: Empty dependency (no request)

Build error occurred Error: > Build failed because of webpack errors at C:\Naveen\node_modules\next\dist\build\index.js:17:924 at async Span.traceAsyncFn (C:\Naveen\node_modules\next\dist\telemetry\trace\trace.js:6:584) PS C:\Naveen>

**i tried **

  1. Remove node_modules folder and re run npm install
  2. Tried with installing npm i babel-plugin-transform-remove-console


Hi @Naveen , are you running one of our starters? Or is this purely your code?

If this is one of our starters, which are you running?