Best practices to reduce page props size


When builder’s drag and drop editor is used with nextjs, what are best practices on the side of the designer/editor to reduce the size of the page props in __NEXT_DATA__ and help avoid nextjs’s build warning “…data for page is X kB which exceeds the threshold of 128 kB, this amount of data can reduce performance.”? I know it’s on us to try and keep the page as light as possible, but I was wondering if there were concrete guidelines.

For example, does using symbols reduce the JSON size? Is it a good idea to build utility css classes for the editors and use those across large grids of similar builder blocks?


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Thanks for reaching out to support!

Certainly! Taking advantage of using symbols is a great way to reduce the page size and improve performance. Another great tip would be to put class information in a global CSS context. This approach would allow you to minimize the number of external resources you are loading and potentially improve the loading performance of the site.