Best way setup a menu navigation bar

Just curious to ideas. I want to setup a navigation bar. I can set a link to each menu item, easy. But what is the best way, going then to a new page, by setting up a link to that page? Or just change the states of the items which are already on that page, so I could stay on that page? The advantage is that the user experience is better because it isn’t required to load a new page, what could take some seconds.

If I go to another page, I want that the menu looks exactly the same. So I could using symbols. But every time I change something in the layout, I should do the same for all other pages. Or is there a better, smart way? Using Data models?

Please any suggestions are welcome. Thanks.

Hi @Michiel,

We have a variety of Builder templates you can choose from (menu dropdowns and hamburger menus). I’m linking a few resources below that help you to decide the best approach according to your expertise:-