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Better documentation for understanding how HTTP calls are made in different sections of builder

Hi there all,

So after pouring over mainly this page Advanced data fetching in Builder.io - Builder.io and also looking around at others, there seems to be a general lack of documentation explaining how builder gets data from external sources (especially Custom content api data sources)


From my various experimentation, I can understand that the builder previewer uses exclusively client side requests to fetch data. While this is great for the development experience, it becomes confusing when I am pointed at a api hosted within a VPN and don’t see the content rendered in the published page but do see it within the preview. I can only assume that the exception from this request is swallowed by the server, leaving the following warning behind:

To further enhance this, I do believe there to be a genuine problem with the JS editor where we can write custom fetch requests as the requests simply aren’t made on the client, even when explicitly put the request within Builder.IsBrowser, see this post for further details IsBrowser doesn’t seem to work when page is published

Just a suggestion but feel like it would save many other devs a lot of time and I know I certainly would have appreciated it