Builder custom code error - how to find error


I’m getting multiple errors like this in my console, which seems to indicate that there is an error.
However I have not set any custom code in Builder.

How can I find the source of the error in Builder?

Builder custom code error:                                                                                    11:19:19
 While Evaluating: 
  return (
 SyntaxError: Unexpected token ')'
    at new Function (<anonymous>)
    at G (file://myproject/node_modules/
    at d (file:///myproject/node_modules/
    at y (file:///myproject/node_modules/
    at Proxy.useBlock (file:///myproject/node_modules/
    at (/myproject/node_modules/@vue/reactivity/dist/reactivity.cjs.js:162:19)
    at ComputedRefImpl.get value [as value] (/myproject/node_modules/@vue/reactivity/dist/reactivity.cjs.js:1143:33)
    at Object.get [as useBlock] (/myproject/node_modules/@vue/runtime-core/dist/runtime-core.cjs.js:3399:22)
    at Object.get (/myproject/node_modules/@vue/runtime-core/dist/runtime-core.cjs.js:2925:19)
    at Proxy.canShowBlock (file:///myproject/node_modules/

Hi @marinelbg, The error seems because of something wrong with the package. Could you try running npm install or yarn install to update the node modules in your app? If that doesn’t work, once try deleting the folder node_modules then again run either of the commands!

I am getting something similar with a custom code error and syntax error. I’ve updated [ react] and did npm install again, still having the same issue. Not sure what could be the problem or where to find it.

For me, the problem came from an element in the visual editor that was left, even though i had removed the RenderContent component (in order to not allow editors to drag and drop in a specific section).

When i added the RenderContent again, I could see in the visual editor architecture which components had been dropped and were causing this error.

So maybe your error comes also from a component dragged in the visual editor.

The problem is, the codebase hasn’t changed at all and was working fine. We dockerized the project and all of a sudden we started getting these error messages. The only thing that changed was adding the Dockerfile to our folder and a gitlab-ci.yml file.