Builder IO with Shopify Plugin : can't show product images

Hello !

Intro :
I have a project with Hydrogen and BuilderIO added as dependency.
Here are the versions of my packages and depedencies :

-> Fetching product :

I’ve added the Builder’s IO built-in Shopify Plugin for fetching my products datas in a page.
When I create a new page, I can retrieve my list of product and their datas as product title and description.

Image Issue :

But I have an issue when I want to display an image as you can see on the screenshot above.

I tried mutiple code as state.productItem.fieldBaseTypes.images[0].src for trying to retrieve the image, but nothing is working.

What do i do wrong ?

Thank you in advance.



Ok, I move forward a little more.

→ On my first test product page, I change the code for state.product.images[0].src, and the image displays well.

→ On a second page product test, I did the same but no image is displayed

But if i console.log the state.product.images[0].src :

I have this :

→ So the src image is well accessed, but why it’s not displayed ?
→ How can I do for not each time I want to add a image, to go to the code for custom it andd make state.product.images[0].src for acceding it ?
→ I just want that my customer who is not a developper, to create a new page product, fetch shopify product’s datas, and add titles, descriptions, images as set on Shopify Dashboard

Hello @Alexandre_D,

We suggest creating a symbol that takes Shopify products as input. Within this symbol, make all necessary adjustments to ensure the images display correctly. Once completed, this symbol becomes reusable across various pages. Your developer can easily utilize the symbol and select the Shopify product they wish to display.

For more information on symbols, please refer to the following documentation: