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Builder is not displaying the pages properly on published environments


I have an issue.

The page I created on Builder.io works perfectly in the visual editor, preview mode, and on the published URL. The problem occurs when I connect it to my store. The page doesn’t get all the CSS and it doesn’t display properly. We tried to build the page from scratch and on different environments a few times, but the same problem keeps occurring.

The prior pages we build using Builder.io and then connected to our shop perform properly; however, this issue surfaced yesterday for the first time. As required, we constructed 2(two) pages and linked them to our shop using different URL links. Only one of those pages barely functioned due to font issues, while the other did not display properly at all, we didn’t write any code it was purely in visual-editor with its drag and drop ability.

Hi @Bertt could you share links to your page? Feel free to post them here or DM me within Forum. I can take a look and try to see what the issue is.