Builder is not loading UI until I publish page

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What are you trying to accomplish
I want to add Text/Buttons/Images to Blog Article but the UI is not responding. When I drag and drop i.e. Text to Blog Article the UI doesn’t respond but in the Layers tab I can see that Text has been added to my component. When I publish those changes, the changes are live and in that moment UI of builder becomes responsive, I can see my changes.

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Video Upload & Annotation - Gemoo

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Reproducible code example
I’ve tried with includeUnpublished: true, but didn’t resolve the issue. Here is my code:
const content = await builder
.get(“blog-article”, {
prerender: false,
// Include references, like the author ref
options: {includeRefs: true},
query: {
// Get the specific article by handle
“data.handle”: props?.params?.handle.toLowerCase(),