BuilderComponent's contentLoaded's CB is fired twice on page load

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What are you trying to accomplish
I want to send a BI event whenever a user enters an a/b test variant on my page.
The event is fired in the BuilderComponent’s contentLoaded callback function.

The issue:
The BI event is fired twice instead of just once in production.
It works as expected when run locally.

NextJs 13.4.5

Reproducible code example

export async function getStaticProps({
}: GetStaticPropsContext<{ practice: string; stateName: string }>) {
  // ...

export async function getStaticPaths() {
  // ...

export default function Page({
}: InferGetStaticPropsType<typeof getStaticProps>) {
  // ...

  return (
      <SEO {...seo} />
        data={{ ...geoLocation }}
        contentLoaded={(_, content) => {

Hello @Nari,

Thank you for getting in touch!

I want to assure you that we’ve successfully replicated the problem on our side. Our dedicated engineering team is actively engaged in investigating the matter more deeply, with the aim of implementing a suitable solution in the near future.

In the interim, I’m pleased to share a workaround that could potentially help you move forward:

        contentLoaded={(data, content) => {
          window.BUILDER_CONTENT_DATA = data;
          setTimeout(() => {
            if (window.BUILDER_CONTENT_DATA) {
              console.log("Builder data: ", window.BUILDER_CONTENT_DATA);
              window.BUILDER_CONTENT_DATA = null;
          }, 3000);

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or concerns. Your patience is greatly appreciated as we work to resolve this issue.

Best regards,