Building a blog in Builder

What are you trying to accomplish

I am trying to migrate a blog from wordpress onto builder. And then host and run the blog on builder and use it as a CMS.

I am trying to determine the scope and what is apart of the process. I am not a coder, but do have some experience. A factor I’m trying to mitigate is total engineering hours, and if possible if I can do it without any.

Some questions I have are:

Is there a step by step process? Not only of migrating the blog to builder, but on linking articles to show up on the home page? In addition, to categorize each blog article to its own respective category (ie-educational, investing, podcast, case study) with indexing? So that each article created can be found in it’s respective category page model. Are there homepage templates within builder? Also, is it best practice to have the home page as a page model in builder, and then each article a section model?

I’m curious if there are any examples of how other people have set up and hosted blogs on builder and their own codebase? I’ve seen the next.js tutorial, but that doesn’t discuss the home page too much, or how to link written articles to show up on the home page and have each of them categorized.

Can a blog be created with no code, if our engineers have set up dynamic URL rendering? Or what from our engineers will have to be coded to implement this? Would engineers need to create the component on the home page to display previously written articles, or to enable the blogs?

Any suggestions would be very helpful.

Hi @cedson,

Hope you’re doing well!

Regardless of what CMS or data source you would like to migrate content from, you can:

  • Create a model configuration for the model you want to move to Builder

  • Read the model content from the source and use our write API to write the content to Builder or migrate blogs.

  • Repeat for each of the models you want to move from source to Builder.

  • To add categories and tags you can add custom fields to your blog article model.

  • We have some inbuilt templates. You can check out the doc for the same Building a Page using Templates -

  • For the best practices on the choice of model, recommended doc: Architecture Best Practices -

  • We do not host your site for you but give you the tools to dynamically load content created in Builder into your code. You have complete control as to what you want to be Builder-editable and where. You can read more about our Custom domain support which is now deprecated. You may find help with integrating your homepage at integrating pages & how the builder works.

  • Take a look at this example in Github to see how we set up our blog at

  • Dynamic URL can also be set up in builder. Please check out: Dynamic Preview URLs -

Hope this helps, let us know if you’ve further questions!