Can we control the image quality while uploading images in builder

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What are you trying to accomplish
Our client has reported that the image quality is getting degraded when the images are uploaded through builder.
Wanted to know if there is an option while uploading the images in builder to set the image quality? We wanted display high quality images without the quality getting degraded. Please note that we want to know if there is an option directly in the builder dashboard like a dropdown field or something where the client can can select the quality directly.

Code stack you are integrating Builder with
react, Shopify

Reproducible code example

Hi @Apurva, Welcome to Forum!

We hope you’re doing well. generates all content with fully optimized images. The builder comes with advanced image optimization options, so instead of hard coding, you can simply automate it with Builder’s performance-obsessed, API-driven product.

Unfortunately, there is no direct dropdown option. You can submit a feature request here Ideas.

Uploading the best available quality image might be the solution, you may find help at Guide to Image Optimization & High performance no-code image.

Let us know if you have any further concerns or questions.