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Cannot change alignment on Tablet or Mobile

Once I create any kind of block and align it center on Desktop resolution, I cannot change the alignment on Tablet or Mobile resolutions. See demo video Monosnap.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. On the Desktop resolution create a Box and align it center horizontally using Builder Editor.
  2. Now switch to Tablet or Mobile screen, and try to clicking align left, full-width, or right buttons. Buttons would be clicked but not activated. And alignment of the Box would not be changed on Tablet or Mobile screen resolutions.

Hi @maxceem,

To change the alignment of the box on tablet and mobile, you can scroll down to the margin & padding section in the styles tab and remove the auto value from either the left or right margin value. I have passed this along to our team as well so we can dig further in to see why changing the alignment on tablet and mobile isn’t working as expected but in the meantime, the suggestion above should work!

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