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Chevron not working in carousel

*Don’t understand why but this post isnt allowing me to include the link to my page (how do I get around that?)

For some reason, only my right chevron is working. I applied the styling to have them included within the hero image carousel (which worked), but now I can’t seem to see or use the left chevron on any carousel on mobile/tablet.

Also is there a way to apply the styling below to only one carousel - because it works for my hero images but not my review carousel on the bottom of the mobile view:

.slick-next {
right: 20px !important;

.slick-prev {
left: 20px !important;

Let me know if there’s something I can do!

Hi @lulimag,

I replied to your other forum post as well. I adjusted the styling and added a class to the hero carousel. The styling should only affect this carousel (not the reviews carousel) and the left arrow should appear on the page now.

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