Child components inside custom components

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I want to have child component render from inside my custom components.

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I have a custom Button from my design system that renders as expected on my localhost. This component has a child prop with the type React.ReactNode. As a test, I passed this component instance two children 1) Another one of my custom components ‘Input’ and 2) the ‘button’ component. As you can see both show as nested layers in the layer view:
However, inspecting the button on the published page shows no nested components:

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My Button registry looks like this:

Builder.registerComponent(Button, {
  name: "Button",
  canHaveChildren: true,
  inputs: [
    { name: "label", type: "string", defaultValue: 'Button' },
      name: "variant",
      type: "enum",
      enum: ["default", "secondary", "destructive", "outline", "link", "ghost"],
      defaultValue: "default",
      name: "size",
      type: "enum",
      enum: ["default", "sm", "lg", "icon"],
      defaultValue: "default",
    { name: "prefixIcon", type: "string" },
    { name: "suffixIcon", type: "string" },

I think you need to wrap it with withChildren when you register it. So, you’d want to do:

Builder.registerComponent(withChildren(Button), {...})

(withChildren comes from )

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