Cloudflare nuxt3 Cache problem

Hi, can i get a suggestion from you please?
We have an website with nuxt3 and i made a page with builderio. Everything is working great when i take build with yarn build and i preview it with yarn preview. when i update something on builderio i see it after 3 or 4 refresh but when i publish it and make changes content is not changing after some time we are using cloudflare is it about it. what can i do?

Hello @Ischafak,

To verify whether the issue is originating from or Cloudflare, Cloudflare offers options to manually purge cache for specific URLs or the entire cache. After publishing changes through, we recommend trying to purge the cache and see if that reflects the updated content.

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hi thanks for the information. I guess i am close to find the problem because when i try to generate code (yarn generate) and then preview it, the view is not updating. I am changing some texts in builderio panel but nothing changes in preview. but it works with yarn build.

Do you know is it possible to work this with generate command?

Hello @Ischafak,

Could you please share the Builder content link where we can observe the issue you’re experiencing?

sue i sent dm to you

Hello @Ischafak,

The preview seems to be updating now, as we have enabled the feature called “Use Patch updates” from Settings → Advanced Settings ->Editor

i dont understand why but
one of my pages not updating while the other one does. i sent you content of that builderio link too.

should i try to build again my page? do you have any suggestion for me?

Hello @Ischafak,

After conducting a thorough investigation, it appears that our content API is returning the correct response with updated data for the component. You can verify this by accessing the following link: Content API Link.

Therefore, we suspect that the issue may be related to the Cloudflare cache for the URL. We recommend trying one of the following steps:

  1. Purge the cache for the URL Or,
  2. Try rebuilding the page again.

These actions should help ensure that the most recent data is fetched and displayed correctly.

If you have any further questions or need assistance, please feel free to let us know.