Columns not working in Vue3/Nuxt3

it seems like the display:flex; style is not applied to the right component in the builder editor.

I’m dropping a basic Columns component, and adding some text in each column.
In the generated code, their is a parent component which has the display: flex style applied, then this parent has one child with builder-columns class, and that child has the actual columns as children.

The result is that all the content appears in the first column.

Capture d’écran 2023-07-26 à 12.38.02

I am using Nuxt with the vue3 sdk. And it seems to be the same issue as this unresolved post.

Hi @marinelbg, We are trying to reproduce this issue in our setup and will keep you posted about the potential solution or fix!

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I have the same issue in my Nuxt3 setup. @garima, is there any update on this?

Hello @tubstrr,

To address the column issue in vue3/Nuxt, importing the following CSS package should fix the issue:

import '';