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Builder content or fiddle link: Builder.io: Drag and drop page builder and CMS

Builder public api key: 50367d3bdd13431eaeab813f54410250

Detailed steps on how to reproduce:
for some reason navigation to the anchor on page load does not work correctly and page does auto-scroll to top after page is fully loaded. I cannot see anything in the code that would make it happen

Hi @solwey - what is the anchor/element you are trying to navigate to and how are you trying to do it? I can open up your page but need to know more about the details so I can reproduce and help out

Hi @steve , here is an example link that does it: Variety Pack – Barcode

Ah that is interesting, there is definitely something funky going on here. What you are doing is correct and working on any other Builder page that I can find. There is maybe a chance of some custom code in your theme or otherwise interfacing there that I am try to find but sadly not seeing any obvious culprits

There is a workaround you could try out that is described here that could be worth a try

that snippet will most probably solvethe issue, but ofc that means two jumps in scroll: correct → top → correct :smiley:
I do not see anything in the event manager or theme files that would update the scroll. The other builder page on the same project works correctly, so I am thinking you guys have something funky in the video embed code or in those fade-in animations