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Creating a share button in Builder

To create a “share” button in Builder:

  1. Drag and drop a button block onto your page.

  2. Select the button and click Edit or navigate to the Options tab.

  3. In the Link field, enter in:
    mailto:?subject=Check out this awesome page!&body=Hi! Check out this awesome page: https://builder.io/

Now when someone clicks on this button, it will open their default mail client on their computer with the subject and body filled in.

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It works with any page or only product pages?
By the way can it be use to share on facebook?

Hi @VickyConstruct!

This will work on any page. You can learn how to create a “share to Facebook” button using this guide, or you can use our dynamic share buttons template that can be found in “Builder templates” in the insert tab of the editor.

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Thanks it works great