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Custom Angular Material based components

We are using Angular and can get basic custom components working inside builder, however we are struggling with more advanced components as much of the advanced documentation / examples are React based (Don’t have much experience with React).

Ideally we would like to use an Angular Material based design system. I.e. Accordion, Tabs, Buttons, Custom “Section” component etc.

In particular we are struggling with how to implement children or groups of children (i.e. Tabs).

I’m sure we could eventually get there by going through react the source code / documentation & figuring out how to do it in Angular, but to save us a bit of time I thought I would ask if anyone has any experience with the above.

Many Thanks!


Hey Justin, thanks for reaching out! We currently don’t support that functionality with the angular sdk, but hope to have it available in the future!

Hey Kara,
Do you have an exact list of functionality you do & don’t support in the Angular SDK ? The documentation & the actual component decorator itself alluded to the fact that you do support children ?

I’m confused & worried that other functionality that seems to be there… isn’t

Any update on SDK feature parity between Angular & React? We have some of the same concerns. Is there any roadmap for Angular support?

We actually started with Angular and love it as much as React, multiple enterprise customers actively use our Angular SDK. The limitation comes from Angular’s lack of support for dynamic tags, which React excels at, as a result there will be a limitation that you won’t be able to SSR your custom components in Builder content, if rendering on the server matters to you.

Is there anything in particular that is blocking you @cseaman?