Custom Targeting API

So general question as I was not able to see any api that can be used to update a custom target attribute. I am basically trying to think of a few angles. Such as updating targeting attributes based on our CDP events.

I have a request to our provider on exposing an API that we could better use to build a plugin in builder instead. So trying to explore my options in the short term.

Hi there,

Thank you for reaching out to support!

Could you clarify specifically what you mean by CDP events?

We also have a great piece of documentation on Custom Targeting Attributes that tell you how to set custom targeting attributes to conditionally render content based on complex criteria. I’ll link it below:


We can hook the events generated by our CDP into a custom function and based on those events fire off an API call. Again just exploring options / testing, but the idea would be get the event check if builder had that enum value set on the targeting attribute and if not add it (rinse and repeat). Overall goal is to have our audience types defined in our CDP available for business owners to pick in Builder. The proper way would be to have a custom plugin in builder to fetch those directly but that API does not exist on our CDP currently.