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Custom Vue Components

I’ve been playing with builder for a couple days now. How to drag+drop to build pages visually with your React components this guy is great for custom react elements. I was able to get that working without any problems.

I want to do the same thing except using Vue.

I tried the example vue-nuxt but I couldn’t get it to build without errors.

In the vue-nuxt example it uses @builder.io/sdk-vue. I tried using that package in my own Vue project but that errors when I visit the page.

Uncaught TypeError: (0 , import_vue.withScopeId) is not a function
at eval (render-block_render.js?9d09:28)
at Object…/node_modules/@builder.io/sdk-vue/src/components/render-block_render.js (chunk-vendors.js:373)
at webpack_require (index.js:854)
at fn (index.js:151)
at eval (render-block.js?4e98:28)
at Object…/node_modules/@builder.io/sdk-vue/src/components/render-block.js (chunk-vendors.js:362)
at webpack_require (index.js:854)
at fn (index.js:151)
at eval (render-blocks_script.js?fb5b:28)
at Object…/node_modules/@builder.io/sdk-vue/src/components/render-blocks_script.js

Hi @s937717, thank you for reporting your errors.The Vue SDK is still in beta and we’re working on a fix soon within the next few weeks. I can update you in this thread when it’s back in a working state.

Thanks, I’ll await the update.