Dark Mode Default

My page.tsx file has the code
.get(“page”, {
userAttributes: {
// Use the page path specified in the URL to fetch the content
urlPath: “/” + (props?.params?.page?.join(“/”) || “”),
mode: “dark”,
// Set prerender to false to return JSON instead of HTML
prerender: false,

but it still doesn’t render the dark mode by default. I designed everything in dark mode in builder but the website(subscribetofuture.com) is not working as expected as it is opening in light mode. This is painful since i spent a lot of time to learn builder and to design my entire website with it.

Please help !!! @steve @steve8709 @manish-sharma @sheema @OmPrakash @JuliusGD

Hey @nimkuski

Thank you for reaching out to Builder Support.

I can see the website “https://subscribetofuture.com/” opens to default dark mode.

Could you please provide a screen recording of you encountering the issue?
Also I would need your content Builder link as well.

No it is not. I want to force dark mode even if the user’s device has light mode in place. @OmPrakash @manish-sharma @JuliusGD @sheema

Hello @nimkuski,

I’m looking into this issue currently, allow me a few minutes, I’ll provide you with an update.

Hello @nimkuski,

Would you mind sharing your builder content link or page URL?

You are trying to pass mode: “dark” as a userAttributes is this s custom field you have created for your page model?

Page link is Create Next App
as i have previously mentioned.
There is no Content in builder, is all external. it was difficult to work with builder so put it somewhere else and embedded iframe. Can you please ask a technical person to provide me with some resolution to this ?

Stay away from Builder. Its sham of a company. They only care about enterprise customers and don’t mind screwing up with small time folks like myself. SAD.
Started using it since i liked it but its a bunch of marketing BS and no substance when it comes to going to production.

Responding here too:
I am very sorry to hear that your experience with Builder.io has not been to your satisfaction.
My team ‘is’ technical and is definitely keen to help you resolve the encountered issues. I however ask that the tone and language remains courteous and professional while we assist you.

UPDATE: The approach taken to implement dark mode is not supported within the application at the moment, however we are working to try and find an alternative solution (uncertain if feasible) for you other than taking the following approach:

Kind Regards

read your teams comments " I can see the website “https://subscribetofuture.com/ ” opens to default dark mode."
etc etc.
The support team is obviously not technical when they are not competent enough to check wether a site is enforcing dark mode or not. Your team was keeps posting some random response and not a resolution just stretching the issue.