Default Value not working For Registered Components

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I want to pass Default Values from my registered components into the inputs

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  dynamic(() => import("./pages/builder-components/orderToday")),
    name: "Order Today",
    friendlyName: "Order Today",
    inputs: [
        name: 'headerText', 
        type: 'text',
        defaultValue: 'ORDER NOW'
        name: 'paragraphText', 
        type: 'richText',
        friendlyName: 'Paragraph Text',
        defaultValue: "<p>Start and Scale a <span>6-figure Bookkeeping Business</span> In Only 2-Hours Per Day Leveraging Breakthrough AI Technology!</p>"


Hello @hslater101,

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Unfortunately, we are unable to reproduce the issue on our end; the default values are working fine for us. Could you please check and confirm if there are any errors in the browser console?

Additionally, could you try registering the custom component without using dynamic() and see if that resolves the issue?

Thank you,