Empty URL for home page

Hello! How can I set an emply url / for home page?
This Homepage | Builder.io Blueprints is not helping.
Thank you

Hi @aaaaa,

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Have you created a section model named homepage, and then integrated the homepage code?

Yes, I created the model, after I integrated the code in my next.js project. But what to do next?
I tried to create the Home Page using homepage model, but it’s not working. Says that Builder is not integrated.

Hi @aaaaa,

Could you share the builder content link and a screenshot of the integration code?

On line 5 I’m using the separate function where I have an API key, and components, which I registered. It works well on other pages.

Also, I noticed one moment - if I set http://localhost:3000/homepage on the preview link, it works. But it’s not what I need.
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Hi @aaaaa,

Using a section model for the homepage with an empty URL isn’t going to work as long as you have your landing page route setup in Next JS. A direct option for creating your homepage is to integrate landing pages and use the same code for your homepage. In this way, choosing / as a page’s URL shows it on the homepage.

@aaaaa i am having the same issue did you find any fix?