Facebook Conversions API

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What are you trying to accomplish
Integrate Facebook Conversion API. Is there an out-of-the-box solution to this with builder? Need to fire events for view content, add to cart, etc.

Code stack you are integrating Builder with
NextJS, react, Shopify

Hi @fakejohnpope thanks for the question! We don’t have any current out-of-the-box integration with Facebook’s Conversion API, but the good news is that our site is completely agnostic to any third party tracking or analytics tools that you use on your site. As long as you have it correctly configured within your app, Builder won’t interfere or affect any of the tracking.

If you want to include a Facebook pixel within your builder pages, you can accomplish this with our custom code blocks, but if you want to set up in-app that shouldn’t be a problem.

Hopefully that helps! My final thought would be if you think this is something that is a blocker for you or your team, I recommend submitting a feature request to our feature tracking site: https://ideas.builder.io/ and we can look into adding this in the future!

For anyone who finds this question in the future, here is a tool that accomplishes this need pretty well:

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