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Fetching data from model

Hi there, I need to make a blog page with single blogs whose data is provided by the builder itself, I made the model of type data and fill out the all fields and if I want to access the blog modal in my blog page
on the data tab, when I try to connect the data with builder.io it got added but it does not showing me pick a resource button on builder ui which is creating a problem to me and I cant be able to connect to my data properly.

I’m using builder with next.js and swell.


please provide the solution of this problem

Hi @anupama.sharmaa,

Are you still not seeing the option to choose an entry in the data tab for Demo blog? I took a look at your account and I am seeing the option to choose an entry.

had the same issue as I am learning the Builder

I did figure it out that after creating a Model with the fields and their default values you need also to actually add data :slight_smile: that uses this model

go to the Content menu and use + New button from right corner, slect your model you want to use for the data you are going to add and add it :slight_smile: