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Font size bug when switching b/w vertical and landscape mobile views

When you switch from vertical to landscape and back to verticle on mobile, the text size randomly increases.

Here’s a video:

Hi, John! I took a look at this page and couldn’t reproduce this text enlargement on my end. What browser are you using? Can you send us a link to make sure I’m viewing the correct page?

Hey Maddy!

It happens on every page, but here’s the one I used in the screenshot: https://thenewpaper.co/dash

I was using the Chrome browser on iOS. I just tried it in Safari, and it looks like it’s NOT an issue in Safari (still happening in Chrome though).

Hey John!

I spent some time trying to reproduce on my end and am not seeing the bug. Since I can’t reproduce at the moment, it is challenging to try and get a fix out or recommend a workaround. Sorry about that!

We will keep poking around to see if we can reproduce and fix the issue, and if so we will let you know. Please let us know if the issue becomes larger or starts to show up in other browsers or devices, or if you happen to figure out why it is happening :smile:

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Sounds good. Maybe it’s just a me thing. I’ll let you know if I’m able to reproduce elsewhere!