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getAsyncProps not working in editor preview with localhost


I created a plugin to select products from our ecommerce backend and created a component based on the components from the Shopify starter (component, resolver for data) using getAsyncProps. It works great in production and locally, but in the editor the data from getAsyncProps isn’t getting resolved.

The prop items gets the following array:

    url: 'graed-chalet-little-excited-500-400-28-1.htm',

I map through the items, make a fetch request for the data, do await Promise.all(requests) to get the data and then return it.

What could be the reason the data works fine in production and local, but not in the editor?

Hi @gijsbotje thanks for the questions.

getAsyncProps is meant to be used as a helper to fetch all the data required for rendering your components on the server-side (or during SSG) , but note that you’ll still need to fetch the required data inside your component in the case of client side rendering (for example when you’re editing in builder and the page re-renders on the browser and doesn’t make a round trip to the server).

Make sure you are fetching any necessary data within the component itself and see if that fixes your issue.