Getting value to be undefined in console but works in the ui

I am trying to get the value into customComponent as a prop from a data model where I am binding the data from the page model. I am able to see the text ui but I am not sure why am I getting the error in the console.

Stack used
*e.g. NextJS

Screenshots below

You can see the image being displayed below a featuredArticle where the data is displayed in the ui but shows a warning in the console.

The code associated with this is

In the same way I have an article component that shows a list of articles in it shows

The code associated with that is

The way I have made this binding is as below

here is the builder.tsx file. Can you help me to figure out What am I missing out here.

Also one another concern is about the below image. Why is this even happening. I tried to change the value in but unfortunately I am getting this error in the console.