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How can I target Builder content to new Shopify visitors?

Targeting content for specific audiences helps provide insight into where people are in their customer journey driving customer acquisition and retention. Builder for Shopify includes powerful tools to help you not only build a great e-commerce websites, but also understand your visitor’s behavior and act on those insights to optimize quickly driving higher conversion.

We often get the question, how do I target content specifically toward new visitors of the site. For Shopify-hosted storefronts, Builder leverages your store’s Shopify data and has access to many different properties. Unfortunately, “new visitors” is not an attribute that Shopify provides. There are a couple workarounds, though:

  1. Create versions of your content and target each to different audiences (ie previously shopped men’s and women’s collections, etc) and let the default “no-targeted” version capture everyone else.

  2. Target users based on those who have not accepted marketing content. This way, any user who hasn’t signed up for newsletters or marketing content will get captured.

  3. Implement with code. Using developer resources, you can implement the functionality with Javascript. However, it’s important to note that there are tradeoffs for going this route because this content would live on the client side only.

For more details around targeting, check out our guide here