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How do I add to my accordion?

To add a new question, select the accordion layer and click “edit”. From here, you can add more questions using the “+ item” button.

The accordion title is wrapped in a parent container, so you select the parent container and navigate to the “child layouts” section in the styles tab. From here, change the layout from “column” to “row”. Now, you can add a plus sign or dropdown arrow next to the title. From here, you can use the data tab to a make the arrow rotate when clicked (you can learn more about using the data tab here).

Hi, I looking for how to make accordion to my landing page at my site, can anyone helping me
best regards

Hi @gunturhakim :wave:t2: Thanks for reaching out!

I’d be happy to help! In Builder, you can drag and drop the Accordion block onto your page and follow the instructions above to add items to your accordion.