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How do i create an account creation / login?

Title says it all… I am new to shopify and just want my customers to be able to create an account. I am developing on the nextjs / react stack. thanks!

Hi @fakejohnpope :wave:

We would recommend checking out Shopify’s documentation to achieve this. You could also transition over to using our Shopify app which allows you to create new login/sign up pages.

hey Maddy, thanks for the reply! I am actually building another store and considering Builder for this project, but I am wondering if I can create customer accounts with custom attributes and if there is a best practice around how to do this with builder, or any examples of how to manage user sessions etc. I am planning on using builder with NextJS and shopify. Thanks!!

Hi @fakejohnpope!

It sounds like you’re looking to manage user accounts with Builder? If so, we don’t have account support/this is out-of-scope for Builder. You could check out Shopify’s documentation to see how you could achieve this.