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How do I link my custom event on my button with my insights?

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What are you trying to accomplish
I set a custom action on a button. The action listens for a click and I tried “tracking” and “custom code” that uses the builder sdk of builder.track(‘eventname’). After this, how do I see within the insights tab?

Code stack you are integrating Builder with

@jkwonny Could you provide some more info…are you not able to access the Insights tab at all? Or you just aren’t seeing the clicks registered within the Insights tab? If you want to see your custom events, you will need to enable them in the Insights page, by selecting the three dots to the right and checking any metrics you want to add to the page:

Our documentation for Analytics can be found here: Custom Analytics Dashboards - Builder.io

Let me know if that answers your question, otherwise any further info would be helpful to pinpoint your issue !

Sorry if the question wasn’t clear.
I feel as if the docs are missing step 1-2. I understand the customize metrics portion, but what needs to be done before the event is tracked? After setting up the custom click event on the component/layer, how does the custom event on the insight dashboard link with the custom event that I have here?:

Is it based on event name?

@jkwonny that is correct, as long as given names match then it should track and report accordingly.

For example, the UI in the image you linked is simply adding a builder.track(‘Hello’) on whatever event you bind it to.

If you click command+J to see JSX view, you can see the click events added to the buttons on your attached page as well