How do I populate a data model based on a URL parameter?

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Cat Image Details page

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I want to set up a page as follows -
A user can visit a Builder page on our site with a URL path parameter:
/cat-image-details/0XYvRd7oD ← this is the imageId in the URL

The imageId is used to load from an API (
The API data is used to populate a Data Model on the page (Cat Image).
Someone else using can set up items on the Cat Details page that reference the properties in the Cat Image model. The data should be populated based on what was provided in the URL.

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I found that I can set the model as an input on a page or section, but it’s unclear how to convert the remote data from the API into a model. I was thinking if the page is set up to load the model and bind it to a field on the detail section, I could use that model in the details section contents… but I couldn’t figure out how to get from JSON to model.

Also, I couldn’t figure out how to read an input parameter from a segment of the URL.

Hi @rmorrise

You can possibly use targeting Targeting Content -

You can also use Dynamic Preview URL and use data binding.

Let me know if you face any further issues!